New York Domino League

Registration, Rules & Regulations


All regular season matches start at 3:00pm sharp, at 3:31pm the team that cannot seat 5 pair of players will lose 10 points; and will continue to lose 10 points for each 30min interval and eventually blow off at 5:31 (note the game can start with four pair of players but the rules above still applies).

All regular season games will play to 150pt. Half time will be at 75pt.

The winner of the coin toss will decide which team sits first. The team that sits first will sit last at the beginning of the second half.

Double six will be the mandatory pose to start each game.

Knock is not a pass; please say the word “pass”. (Any confusion in a game will be decided if the word “pass” was spoken)

A team will be awarded one point for each game won. However, if a game is blocked and both teams end up with the same low points tally (Derby) the game will have to play over for two points, and each subsequent Derby game will be played for 1 additional point per game.

Changes can only be effected on any table after a combination of 10 games has been played. Each succeeding change must honor the 10 games change rule by observing when the last change was made on that particular table. A change is considered to be made even if only one player is moved.

Captain requesting a change must inform the other captain and referee (if referee is present) after 7 games have been played. The change must be marked on the score sheet.

Matches are open code format and a no one-a-way rule is applied. (There is no one-a-way in this game) if a player plays a domino that cannot be played, the player must take back the domino and play one that can be played or call pass.

Any player wanting to bow (playing more than one domino to win a game) must first show his winning hand to his opponents who must concede defeat. Failure to do so may result in the player losing the game.

No fowl languages in the ring

No fighting, a player who initiates a fight will be banned from the tournament until the board makes its final decision.

There will be no tied matches
Countdown starts at 140 if a team is leading by at least 5pt., then only three tables will continue the game to 150pt.
All three tables must finish their game before starting a next set. If the game ties at 149/149 an extra 10 games must be played with the same three players. The first 9 game will be played at 3 sets and the table that finishes first in the last set will play the final game to make the 10th game. At this point a winner will result even if the winning team is up by one point.

All final scores must acknowledged by both captains, signed and sent to
Karen 347-772-6398.

All entry fees must be paid in full by the fourth week.

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